31.99% of outstanding DOGE supply held by Robinhood: report

Youri Molchan

It has been reported that trading app Robinhood holds almost 32% of the circulating Dogecoin supply; meanwhile, anonymous whales transfer 810 million DOGE

The @DogeWhaleAlert Twitter account revealed how much Dogecoin Robinhood holds for its investors. Thanks to the recently launched cryptocurrency wallets, the company’s customers can now withdraw crypto and also send it to third-party addresses.

Robinhood holds almost 1/3 of DOGE in circulation

Robinhood has announced that the share of the original Dogecoin (and even the most popular cryptocurrency) stored by the popular brokerage app Robinhood represents almost 32% of the total circulating supply.

That’s a staggering DOGE of 42,436,664,891 worth $5,398,537,887. The platform holds these funds on behalf of its clients, the tweet states. Robinhood stores Dogecoin on two wallets, using eight addresses.

810 million Dogecoin moved between anonymous wallets

The DOGE-linked Twitter account mentioned above also shared that a few days ago Anonymous Whales made three large transfers of Dogecoin. In total, they moved more than 800 million DOGE.

One piece carried 400,781,942 DOGE (equivalent to $49,996,746). The other two moved around 205 million DOGE each and each was worth $25,495,252.

Interestingly, when this DOGE sum was first moved from multiple addresses to an anonymous wallet, the transaction fee was 12.92 DOGE ($1.61). As this sum was moved to another unknown wallet, the fee was 2.04 Dogecoin worth $0.25.

Picture via Twitter

Petition for DOGE tips on Twitter attracts little interest so far

The recently launched petition on Change.org asking Twitter to allow tipping in Dogecoin has yet to garner 7,500 signatures, even though it was launched around February 18.

The petition emerged shortly after Dogecoin co-founder Billy Markus asked the Twitter team to add the DOGE wallet to the tip feature on Twitter. Earlier this month, the social media giant rolled out Ethereum tips.

While prominent bitcoin advocate Jack Dorsey served as CEO of Twitter, he authorized the Bitcoin switch in September last year, as previously reported by U.Today.

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