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To select the best accounts for seniors, Money started with 25 of the largest national retail banks in terms of assets and 15 of the largest online banks. We looked for accounts that were dedicated to seniors or that waived certain fees or offered other benefits to seniors. Money then partnered with data provider Curinos to review account minimums and qualifications, interest rates, monthly service fees, ATM fees, overdraft fees, overdraft protection fees. overdrafts, insufficient fund charges, debit card replacement fees, domestic wire transfer fees, and online banking capabilities.

In selecting the finalists, priority was given to checking and savings accounts with no monthly fees or no monthly fees, free ATMs and higher interest rates. In naming the free accounts, we assumed that customers would agree to receive electronic statements to avoid monthly fees.

Where available, we weighed customer service ratings from JD Power’s 2020 US Retail Banking Satisfaction Survey, 2021 Online Banking Satisfaction Survey, and Customer Satisfaction Survey. mobile banking 2021. Money’s editing team independently verified the information in September and October.

The quoted interest rates were verified on October 25, 2021.

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