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Texas abortion law restored as Court of Appeals considers issue

Just as abortion clinics across Texas began rushing to serve female patients for the first time since early September, by the start of the weekend they were again bound by state law. abortion. Opinion. On Friday night, the Federal Court of Appeals immediately allowed Texas to resume most abortion bans according to law. It came into effect in September, but was suspended by U.S. District Court Judge Robert Pittman just Wednesday. Currently, the New Orleans Court of Appeals has temporarily suspended Pittman’s ruling while considering a state appeal to revive the law. The court asked for a response from the Texas law-fighting Biden administration until Tuesday.

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BB&T closes online banking and branch system until Sunday

Following the merger with Suntrust, BB&T, now known as Truist, shut down its online banking system and branch computers for part of the Columbus Day weekend. Banks do this to update their IT systems. In an online FAQ, BB&T states that customers will not be able to make mobile deposits, send money, access online billing services, or set up new Zelle payments from websites or websites. ‘mobile applications during the planned outage. I did. “We expect all systems, including mobile apps, online banking, BB&T ATMs and the Truist contact center, to be restored and operational by Sunday, October 10,” a estimated the bank. In addition, the branch will not be able to process transactions and the ATM will be offline during the outage. BB&T customers can use the SunTrust ATM free of charge.

BB&T customers will not have access to online banking or branches until at least Sunday, until the company now known as Truist finalizes the merger with SunTrust.

NASA temporarily suspends orders for Perseverance Rover

NASA will suspend sending command signals to Martian missions from Saturday to October 16. This is due to the Mars-Sun connection, where Mars and Earth are on the other side of the Sun. This biennial epidemic can interfere with signals transmitted between planets. Nicknamed Rover, “Percy” has a long history since Mars landed on February 18th. Rover is now located in Jezero Crater on Mars, and NASA describes it as “a series of ridges covered in dunes, rocks and debris.” , “Awaiting further instructions.

Consider unplugging for World Mental Health Day

Did this week’s Facebook and Instagram outages hurt you? It may be a sign of disconnect on Sunday, World Mental Health Day this weekend. According to the World Health Organization website, the goal of World Mental Health Day is to “raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilize efforts to support mental health.” Too much time spent on social media can lead to depression, anxiety and stress, says Dr Sharamodir, chief medical officer at Allpoint North Lodge, an addiction treatment center. We asked experts to figure out what signs to look for and how to develop healthier social media habits.

The comic is back at Big Apple

Comiccon is back in New York after last year’s virtual event in a coronavirus pandemic. The event at the Javits Center in Manhattan begins Friday and ends Sunday. People over 12 must prove that they are fully vaccinated, and people under 11 must prove that the COVID test is negative. According to the tournament’s website, “No matter what type of fandom you’re into, you’ll be waiting here to experience the best pop culture.”

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