6 options to make your money grow

There are options to invest from 100 pesos. Photo: Shutterstock.

In Mexico, there is less participation in investing in Mexico Mexican Titles Ball (BMV)According to the body that governs the country’s financial system, some of the factors are fear, bad past experiences, misinformation, myths and lack of financial literacy.

According National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Financial Services Users (Condusef)Investing is a tool that has a lot of benefits, and it’s all about putting your money to work in search of profits in the future, which Can be used to achieve a medium or long term goal.

Although this habit is often associated with high earners and finance professionals, Condusef Let’s say that currently there are options with which you can invest from 100 pesos and they are accessible. Here are six low-risk investment options.

Options that can make your money work

Popular financial companies (Sofipos)are institutions that offer financial services and products that operate through the authority National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV),

Among its services are:

  • get a deposit
  • credit card problem debit or credit
  • give accounts of savings and credit
  • To give investment product


  • Some offer better returns to investors (due to their lower operating costs) because they don’t have branches and their service is online.

how to choose the best Sophia,

  • Make sure it is a company authorized by CNBV and regulated by Condusef
  • Do your checks from time to time capitalization levelYou can check the data in the following link
  • To encounter Profiles of the clients they grant the level of credit and their arrears; check the following link
  • Only invest up to the limit of the Prosofipo Protection Fund (this is the equivalent of IPAB, but at par with Sofipo), which has maximum coverage about 167 thousand pesos

neobanksIt is a digital bank that has no physical branches, lines or ATMs, as all of its services are online or through mobile apps.

Neobank Joe Investment accounts eliminate operating costsAnd this savings allows them to offer attractive returns.


  • Its user service process operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

debt mutual fundThey are instruments that allow private companies to lend money and, in turn, manage and diversify investments, whether in public debt, stocks or currencies (dollars, euros, among others) .


  • They are managed by a group of experts
  • Efforts are made to diversify investment products to strike a balance between high profits and low losses.

Before. voluntary savings inIt is the additional savings made in the personal account of the Pension Fund Administrator (Former) that can be used for future expenses or investments or to increase the amount of the pension.


  • high yield
  • Financial benefits
  • contribution 50 pesos. Of and easier to do
  • Security
  • resource availability
  • a better retirement

setsloss Federation Treasury Certificate (Cetes) They are issued by the Mexican government in pesos and purchased at a discounted price, which is their . is inferior to face value of 10 pesos, The profit received is the difference between the price paid when it is received and its face value at maturity. They have available durations of 28, 91, 182 and 364 days.


  • can be reversed 100 pesos. Of
  • No commission, penalty or transaction cost is paid
  • without intermediaries
  • You can settle the money when you decide

accounts ofand investment bank, Some banks offer investments that pay better interest than other instruments. All banking institutions offer income or term investment products. There are usually two:

  • sedes (certificate of deposit), which earn interest each month
  • PRLV (I will pay with Yield Settleable on Maturity), which pays the full principal plus interest paid at the end of the agreed term.


  • they have insurance IPAB depositthat protects the resources invested
  • In banks, a credit history is created which allows for larger funding requests.

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