Access Softek provides chatbot and biometric authentication to Great Lakes Credit Union


Access Softek will help Great Lakes Credit Union (GLCU) ​​continue their digital transformation. The company has already equipped the GLCU with its mobile banking solution, and will now complement it with its Orpheus Online Banking, Conversational Banking and Biometric Authentication Manager (BAM) offers.

The new features will enable the GLCU to provide more secure and convenient services to its 80,000 members, with Conversational Banking and Biometric Authentication Manager solutions being particularly notable in this regard. The Conversational Banking platform comes with a host of chatbot, live chat, and video chat features, all of which will give customers more ways to engage with Credit Union.

The Authentication Manager, on the other hand, allows customers to take advantage of the biometric authentication features of their smartphone. BAM supports face and fingerprint recognition, both of which allow end users to replace passwords and knowledge-based security questions with secure device biometrics.

“It’s important that our members have a unified experience that allows them to transact in the channel they prefer,” said Steven Bugg, President and CEO of GLCU. “The addition of online banking will provide this cohesive experience, and the Authentication Manager and Conversational Banking will provide us with new tools that will allow us to serve our members even more. “

“Great Lakes is very much in tune with the needs of its members, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide the features that make both the credit union and the member successful,” added Chris Doner, Founder and CEO of Access Softek.

The GLCU has been an Access Softek customer for over ten years. Among the company’s new clients are First Service Credit Union and Wings Financial Credit Union, with the former deploying the biometric authentication manager and the latter opting for Access Softek’s new EasyVest investment tool. Access Softek has also released a new API that makes it easy to add biometric authentication to an existing financial platform.

July 23, 2021 – by Eric Weiss

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