Alarming Things That Are Responsible For Aging

Every single person today wants to look younger than the actual age. Some have to meet their job requirements while others are fond of looking attractive at all times. People invest on beauty products just to hide the aging factor. You can hide it temporarily through make up but it is not a permanent solution to stop aging.

Youth is the best phase of everyone’s life. You are free to live your life the way you want without others interrupting it and make decisions for yourself. Moving on from this phase is actually one of the most difficult things not because that you are free but because of the beauty and fully developed body. However, this is the time when aging starts affecting you and there are few alarming things that you do everyday like smoking to wearing sunscreens and eye creams. Here are some alarming things that are responsible for aging.

Happy Hours at your Office

Drinking with colleagues at office is also Responsible For Aging.

Aging is not just reference to your beauty, but your overall health is at risk which is leading you to look old. As you know that smoking is one of the habits that cause deficiencies, similarly alcohol plays an important role in aging. If you are one of those who love and enjoy happy hours at your office and are worried about aging, you should quit being there. Alcohol is a natural diuretic, and long term dehydration can lower skin’s elasticity and can cause wrinkles. Furthermore, according to a research, drinking too many cocktails can also cause harm to the cellular level which further leads to illnesses related to aging such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and dementia. You should be there in the happy hours but avoid too much consumption of alcohol and cocktails as they are a reason to aging.

Your Daily Commute

Drive with closed windows to prevent from Responsible For Aging.

Aging is directly proportional to the pollution. If you don’t have a habit of using your cars air conditioner, it is actually not a good thing for you. Aging is affected by the pollution and if you face traffic while heading to the office or coming back home, you should roll up your windows to prevent polluted air enter your car and affect your skin. According to a study conducted by the journal of investigative dermatology, traffic related pollution can actually cause an increase in age spots. Next time you head out for office; do make sure to have your windows rolled up to prevent aging.

Work Stress is One of the Things

Work stress is also Responsible For Aging.

Stress is one of the reasons that causes of aging. You see the competition has grown tougher and survival is difficult, with so much happening around people get stressed very easily. Stress does not need an invitation to enter in your life; it just knocks your door and affects you. Some have stress due to work while others are stressed about things happening around. Stress is not good for health and cause serious illness which further leads to aging. According to research, stress steroids released in brain can accelerate the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and stress related to work can cause harmful changes to your DNA that are linked to a multitude of degenerative disease. You should not take too much stress as it is an alarming thing and is responsible for aging.

The Body Posture

Have a good body posture to prevent from Aging.

The way you sit actually plays an important role in keeping you healthy. Leaning or exhausted body posture is not the correct position for you as it causes back pain, neck pain and poor body posture can weaken your spine and increase spinal curvature down the road. Straightening up your body posture won’t just make you look good but is also beneficial for your future. Positive body posture should always be maintained to avoid the alarming situation.

Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep is one of the most common thing that leads to Responsible For Aging.

You know that lack of sleep is one of the causes of heart diseases and obesity but it can also make you look older. Sleeping is linked to your skin, and the best example is of dark circles. They are caused because of stress and lack of sleep, similarly according to one study, patients who defined themselves as poor sleepers showed increased skin aging effects such as fine lines, uneven pigmentation and slackening of skin. You should sleep well to avoid aging take over your skin.

These are some of the things that people are unaware of but are responsible for aging. You should prevent them if you are too curious about your looks.

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