Announcing the New TAB Bank Mobile Platform – Utah Business

Ogden — TAB Bank today announced the launch of its latest online and mobile platform, ushering in a new era of customer experience and future capabilities for businesses and consumers. The new external banking interface and back-end platform creates a consistent experience between mobile and online banking and gives customers full control over their interactions and account views.

Behind the scenes, the platform enables easier connections to new products and features with third-party app integrations, faster new account creation, and the ability to track outside funds. The completion of this platform moves TAB Bank towards a banking-as-a-service model, creating new capabilities to leverage TAB Bank accounts in everyday life.

Opening a new account with TAB Bank is now simpler and easier. Customers can be up and running with a TAB Bank account in minutes. Through third-party applications, the bank can provide almost limitless potential service offerings.

“With this new platform, TAB Bank is moving forward with bold solutions that will help our customers track and leverage their money for greater financial success,” said Curt Queyrouze, CEO and President of TAB Bank. “This enables TAB Bank to realize its vision of banking as a service. Over the coming months and years, the bank will unveil new products and features that will provide access to financial success for small businesses and consumers. We know we will succeed if we help our clients succeed financially.

Future plans for TAB Bank include adding financial tools, rewards programs and account features to more effectively manage business and personal accounts and provide personalized advice on what account holders can do to become financially stronger. These features include budgeting tools, financial strength scores, tips for saving and spending money differently, and more.

Individual customer accounts will immediately see the new interface. Professional accounts will have access to these features in the future. The bank expects more product and service announcements in the coming months.

About TAB Bank

TAB Bank is an innovative and technologically advanced bank that provides personalized banking solutions to individuals and commercial enterprises in a wide range of sectors. Our bank is and always has been a fully mobile online solution that makes banking easier and more intuitive.

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