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STOCKHOLM, November 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – GSB Gold Standard Pay KB, Sweden: The future of the financial sector is being explored around the world against a backdrop of fabulous digital hype! Decentralized digital networks, summarized under the term “DeFi”, promise a more transparent and above all more efficient financial system. DeFi “stands for” decentralized finance “and is based on blockchain database technology.

Lydian World G999 Josip Heit GSB

A key element here are the automatically executed contracts, called “smart contracts”. The goal is a decentralized system that operates without intermediaries. In so-called DeFi applications, this task is taken over by the network of participants, which follows the “rules of the game” of the protocol. Typically, it is a blockchain protocol that allows decentralized organization through so-called smart contracts. Smart contracts are digital contracts that are embedded in program code and thus can replace human or manual transactions.

These decentralized applications, abbreviated dApps, make it possible to present the same services in the financial sector as those to which we are accustomed with traditional financial intermediaries. This may include, for example, the negotiation of securities or the granting and drawing down of loans. Most DeFi apps are currently based on the best-known Ethereum smart contract platform. Tokens are used so that such a decentralized ecosystem can control itself. These tokens can be used to coordinate network decisions as well as to define incentives for operating the decentralized service.

DeFi protocols have one thing in common: their primary use case is lending and borrowing. Concretely, the tokens are lent in exchange for profits. Thus, instead of carrying out a transaction in the traditional way, the network itself manages the transactions on the basis of the decentralized credit protocol.

The standard case here is that you “log in” to the tokens you own for allocation. This means that you make your tokens available to other participants. In return, you receive profit on your loaned tokens.

Unlike centralized crypto exchange platforms, decentralized exchange platforms, called DEX, never have access to traders’ assets. Since there is no central instance that can be hacked or whose prices can be manipulated, virtual assets are especially safe!

Like any new market, “Decentralized Finance” offers particular opportunities in this sector.

To this end, the latest development “Lydian World” will soon be presented as a completely decentralized exchange, but also as a game, with many possibilities for the participants.

Decentralized games will play an important role in the future as well as the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg wants to develop it to drive the future of “Metaverse” – as well as “LydianWorld” as an NFT marketplace similar to “opensea” which surprised with Axie-Infinity’s revenue figures of US $ 190 million in just 30 days.

With even more technological possibilities, “Lydian-World” will take its premium game in the coming days as an NFT market / exchange platform where rewards are possible via cryptocurrency – this in particular for leading the blockchain technology sector.

Note that these new technologies already constitute a gigantic sector worth billions, including the gaming industry, decentralized exchange platforms like PancakeSwap (which was capitalized with US $ 15 billion in a very short time) and the expectations of the “Lydian World” as a virtual decentralized platform.

Josip heit, explains that many applications from different ecosystems of blockchain technology will be accessible – here the game reward process will be carried out through different bridges, here for example on Ethereum blockchain, Binance blockchain, Polkadot blockchain, G999 blockchain technology and many others, in order to thus obtain the broad adaptation and possibility of the global blockchain community via swipe (exchange) or versa in the virtual world.


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