Banks closed for two weeks in July; check dates and cities here


Banks across the country will be closed for nine days, in addition to the usual holidays such as the second and fourth Saturday of the month and Sundays. The nine public holidays are state-specific public holidays for different occasions, as listed in the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Public Holiday Calendar.

However, online banking will continue to function. It should be noted that public holidays also differ by state and are not observed by all banks. Public holidays also depend on festivals observed in specific states or notification of specific occasions in those states.

Here is a list of upcoming public holidays, including national holidays, in July:

July 4 – Weekly holiday (Sunday)

July 10 – Second Saturday

July 11 – Weekly holiday (Sunday)

July 12 – Kang (Rathajatra) / Ratha Yatra (Imphal / Bhubaneshwar)

July 13 – Bhanu Jayanti (Sikkim)

July 14 – Drukpa Tshechi (Sikkim)

July 16 – Harela (Uttarakhand)

July 17 – U Tirot Sing / Kharchi Puja Day (Agartala / Shillong)

July 18 – Weekly holiday (Sunday)

July 19 – Thungkar Tshechu by Guru Rimpoche (Sikkim)

July 20 – Bakrid (Jammu / Kochi)

July 21 – Bakri Id (Id-Ul-Zuha) (Eid-UI-Adha) (All India except Aizawl, Bhubaneswar, Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram)

July 24 – Fourth Saturday

July 25 – Weekly holiday (Sunday)

July 31 – Ker Puja (Agartala)

The RBI places public holidays in three brackets – Public holiday under the Tradable Instruments Act; Public holiday under the Tradable Instruments Act and real-time gross settlement holiday; and the closing of bank accounts.

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