Blockchain Game Mecha Morphing Completes Private Funding Round

NEW YORK, March 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mecha Morphing has completed its private funding round led by YGG SEA and IVC. More than 20 institutions, including SHIMA Capital, Innovion, AC Capital and Sfermion, participated in the investment. The Mecha Morphing team has raised $3.5 million to date.

Mecha Morphing is a fully decentralized and well designed high quality ARPG game. The game takes place in a future time. The style is a unique fusion of cyberpunk with desert mecha. Coupled with high-quality combat graphics, it will bring players a visual feast.

Mecha Morphing is a game that has been carefully created by a team with rich experience in their respective fields to ensure the success of the project. The team has been carefully organized to meet the ever-increasing demands of gamers for blockchain games and to solve problems found in many blockchain games today. They put a lot of effort into making it both visually stimulating and improving gameplay options. It is a high quality blockchain game which also allows players to win by playing.

Players in the Mecha Morphing world earn income by participating and contributing to the game’s ecosystem. The game currently includes PVE, PVP, a mission system, an achievement system, an equipment upgrade system and other game modes. In the future, this world will also add a new skill-based PVP looting system and PVP arena game system. The VR version will be introduced this summer for players interested in more immersive gameplay.

Mecha Morphing had its first successful NFT launch on Binance NFT this week and is expected to have a few more in the coming weeks. Baby swap, Babylon and Wwarriors INO will take place on March 7 and Altura INO on March 22. They will also have a highly anticipated IDO with Polkastarter this month before releasing their game.

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