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With the availability of COVID-19 vaccines and rapid tests, Americans who avoided travel in 2020 and 21 are apparently more willing to hit the road in 2022. And with demand rising, the travel agency in Priceline reports that in the first quarter of 2022 travelers can expect to find hotel rates 18% higher than the same time last year, with airfares on average up 32%.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t find vacation deals, whether you’re traveling by plane or car, or traveling domestically or abroad. When planning your 2022 vacation, you’ll want to consider hotel and transportation prices, the cost of activities and meals, and COVID-19 restrictions and policies at your destination.

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Affordable National Hotels

The cost of accommodation might help steer you toward one destination over another. Priceline found these to be the 10 most affordable domestic destinations, based on average daily hotel rates.

  1. Laughlin, Nevada ($79)
  2. Page, AZ ($86)
  3. Rapid City, SD ($90)
  4. Buena Park, CA ($93)
  5. Florence, SC ($107)
  6. Albuquerque, New Mexico ($110)
  7. Reno, Nevada ($111)
  8. Tulsa, Oklahoma ($111)
  9. Tallahassee, Florida ($112)
  10. Niagara Falls, New York ($115)

Many of these places are well known for their attractions. Buena Park is home to Knott’s Berry Farm theme park, Reno offers gambling and a host of outdoor activities, and Niagara Falls, which straddles the Canadian border, offers awe-inspiring scenery.

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Affordable International Locations

KAYAK, another online travel site, lists these 10 cities as “wallet-friendly international destinations,” with the cheapest months to book a trip.

  1. Mexico City (May)
  2. Toronto (February)
  3. Montreal (February)
  4. Bogota, Colombia (February)
  5. Vancouver, British Columbia (January)
  6. Cancun, Mexico (January)
  7. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (January)
  8. San Jose, Costa Rica (May)
  9. San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico (January)
  10. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (January)

KAYAK also offers its Travel Restrictions page, which details the countries open to visitors from the United States, whether vaccinated or not. The US State Department has a webpage dedicated to sharing advice on country security both in terms of COVID-19 and civil unrest.

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Additional cheap travel destinations

GOBankingRates contacted travel and tourism experts for advice on other affordable places in 2022 and offered these suggestions.

Domestic travel

Washington D.C.: The capital’s tourism website, Washington.org, lists more than 100 free activities, including world-class museums and cultural institutions. Due to the slow recovery from the pandemic, hotel occupancy rates are below half most weeks, resulting in discounted rates that will free up cash to eat at some of the finest restaurants. of the city, according to Julie Marshall, National Media Relations Manager for Destination CC.

San Diego: A five-star resort on the beach might not fit your budget, but the Mission Valley section of San Diego is an affordable base for travelers looking to see the city, said Jordana Boyland, communications coordinator for the San Diego Tourism Authority. . The area has family-friendly budget hotels and easy access to the area’s top attractions, as well as cheap food, including farmers’ markets and street vendors. The region also offers many free events.

Tucson, Arizona: The city is nestled between a national park and surrounded by five mountain ranges, giving way to a number of free activities such as hiking, biking, running, walking or climbing. A seven-day pass to Saguaro National Park costs just $20 for a car. In downtown Tucson, a city of culture and art, you’ll find a thriving restaurant scene, with what Cindy Aguilar of Visit Tucson called the “best Mexican food north of the border.”

Cody Yellowstone, Wyoming: The area offers easy access to Yellowstone National Park and a variety of authentic western experiences for families, couples, history buffs, music buffs, and those looking for a solo adventure. “Fun doesn’t have to cost a fortune in Yellowstone Country,” said Ryan Hauck, executive director of the Park County Travel Council, the region’s marketing arm. “With a variety of free and moderately priced adventures, the area offers incredible value for budget-conscious travelers.”

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Trip abroad

Bali, Indonesia: “Bali has always been an affordable place to travel, but there are also a lot of new hotel deals in the pipeline for 2022, and the Indonesian government is talking about lifting quarantine for travelers altogether soon,” David said. Leiter, a travel blogger. at The World Travel Guy.

Alika Barnsley, who runs the Alika in Wanderlust blog, said hotels in Bali start at $20 a night, food can cost as little as $2 per meal, and transportation costs $5 a day.

“Bali is one of the cheapest places in the world to travel. A luxury stay in Bali is affordable,” she said. “You can make it as cheap or as expensive as you want. Since Bali is struggling with lack of tourism during COVID, they have special deals on hotels even though it’s already so cheap.”

Panama: Melissa Middlestadt, the traveler behind the My Beautiful Passport blog, listed Panama as her budget destination for 2022.

“With affordable accommodations, food and cheap transportation, you can travel through Panama on a budget or splurge on luxury,” she said. “Panama has many attractions with fewer crowds. Visit the Panama Canal, dive into the Caribbean Sea or hike a volcano. Examples of prices in Panama include $22 for a private hostel room in El Valle de Anton or $95 for a nice hotel with a rooftop infinity pool in Panama City. In eight days, we spent around $600 for two people, excluding flights, with a mix of budget and affordable luxury travel. You can easily spend less money while still enjoying your Panama vacation.

Lisbon, Portugal: Antonina Pattiz, who blogs at Embrace Someplace, said Lisbon was on the agenda for 2022, where she planned “to spend a full month basking in the sun because it’s cheaper to visit Portugal than to find a place in the United States for the sun”. She said she was drawn there because “they take COVID precautions very seriously.”

“When it comes to budget friendliness, you can easily find hotels under $100 a night and decent restaurant meals from $10. Last visited in April 2019 and shared a whole octopus with my husband for $15. These prices are unprecedented in the United States.

She added that train transport to nearby towns is also inexpensive, as is access to places such as museums.

Now is the time to start planning for 2022 trips. Check prices, COVID-19 regulations if you are traveling abroad and set your itinerary for adventure.

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