CB joins the Viva Wallet payment network for the benefit of French merchants

Based in Athens Viva Wallet adds Cards banking (CB) to its selection of means of payment, an evolution aimed at enabling its French merchant network to accept CB payments.

The addition of CB, a leading card and mobile payment and withdrawal system in the French market, is expected to provide greater flexibility for French merchants in the cloud-based neobank’s network.

Payments with CB cards, of which there are estimated to be around 74 million, will be accepted at local brick-and-mortar outlets with Viva Wallet’s Tap-on-Phone POS app, followed by a roll-out in online outlets.

Viva Wallet, one of the largest payment institutions in Europe, cited the pursuit of a localized wallet in its inclusion of CB in its network; which currently has around thirty regional means of payment.

Partnering with major international and local payment systems, such as CB, has come to define neobank’s localized approach to payments. With approximately 13.2 billion payments made in 2021, CB payments represent more than 65% of current household consumption in France.

Confirming the neobank’s confidence in its new partnership with CB and the value it hopes to bring to French merchants, Harry XenophontosViva Wallet’s Director of Global Strategic Partnerships, comments: “We aim to offer localized and personalized end-to-end payment services and integrated banking services to merchants who trust our know-how and our own cutting-edge technologies, increasing profits and market share, while recognizing the importance of an organized customer experience.

Loÿs Mill, Director of Development at CB, adds: “CB is delighted that a major pan-European payment player like Viva Wallet has chosen to join CB and allow all its French merchants to benefit from all the advantages of accepting payments by CB card and mobile. Our teams are working alongside Viva Wallet to facilitate the deployment of this project.

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