CoinFlip announces list of AAVE tokens on its ATMs


CoinFlip, one of the largest Bitcoin ATM networks, has announced that AAVE tokens will now be available on its ATM network which has over 2,500 to date.


This is further proof of the growing popularity of crypto and it is expected that more cryptos will be added to ATMs in the future as well. AAVE is one of the biggest projects in the DeFi space and it sits on the Ethereum blockchain. Users will now be able to purchase these tokens which are part of the governance of the project.

Once users buy the AAVE tokens, they could participate in the governance of the protocol and these tokens would also be useful in reducing fees when using the protocol.

“The burdens on the financial system go beyond equitable access to checking and savings accounts or even physical bank locations and ATMs; Access to financial tools such as loans impacts the ability of unbanked and underbanked individuals to participate fully in the economy, ”said Ben Weiss, CEO and co-founder of CoinFlip. “The idea that our clients can now invest early in one of the largest decentralized projects in the market is a big step forward in our mission to make cryptocurrency more accessible to people around the world.”

CoinFlip has grown rapidly alongside the growth of the crypto ecosystem and being one of the very few Bitcoin ATM providers it has been able to triple the number of these ATMs in a short period of time and remains one of the most dynamic. Chicago area businesses. The fact that it was able to develop in the United States where crypto regulations are much stricter than in many other countries shows the potential and interest of the crypto industry.

With the addition of AAVE, the company hopes that more users would be interested in using ATMs, which would increase adoption and user interest in blockchain, which could then trigger a cycle where more cryptos could be added by the company at ATMs. This segment would be closely watched to see how the interest in such ATMs takes off and if the offline adoption of cryptos matches the online interest and only when that does happen that there would be a real indicator of the general public adoption of crypto.

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