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Australia’s largest bank has offered another lifeline to customers facing financial hardship due to COVID-19.

The Commonwealth Bank (CBA) has announced that it will allow customers to apply for a one-year interest-only (IO) extension, or change if they are currently making principal and interest repayments, without requiring a evaluation of functionality.

Starting May 29, customers will be eligible for the IO switch / extension when:

  • They have no arrears;
  • They are not in financial difficulty;
  • At least 1 year will remain on the term of the loan contracted upon expiration of the proposed term of interest only

Borrowers who have postponed their mortgage repayment for six months are eligible for the change if they are no longer in financial difficulty and have contacted the ABC to cancel their postponement.

Buying a home or looking to refinance? The table below shows homeowners with some of the lowest variable interest rates on the market for homeowners.


Rate type Gap Redraw Ongoing charges The initial costs LVR Lump sum reimbursement Additional refunds Pre-approval

Variable More details

Smart Booster real estate loan at variable discount rate – 2 years (LVR
  • Fast turnaround times, can meet a 30 day settlement
  • For purchase and refinancing, minimum deposit of 20%
  • No ongoing or monthly fees, add compensation for 0.10%

Variable More details

Garden mortgage (principal and interest) (special) (LVR
  • Unlimited additional refunds
  • Unlimited free withdrawals
  • Optional 100% compensation can be added for $ 120 per year ^

Fixed More details

Basic fixed-rate mortgage (principal and interest) (LVR)

Basic criteria: a loan amount of $ 400,000, variable, fixed, principal and interest (P&I) home loans with an LVR (loan to value) ratio of at least 80%. However, the table “Compare mortgages” allows calculations to be performed on variables selected and entered by the user. All products will list the LVR along with the product and price which is clearly posted on the product supplier’s website. Monthly repayments, once the basic criteria are changed by the user, will be based on the advertised rates of the selected products and determined by the loan amount, type of repayment, loan term and LVR entered by the user. /you. Prices correct as of October 31, 2021. See disclaimer.

CEO of ABC Group Angus sullivan said the decision was taken to further support customers through the economic fallout from the pandemic.

“We recognize that as the coronavirus situation evolves and clients begin to return to work, they may need alternative measures of temporary assistance to help them get back on their feet sooner,” Mr. Sullivan.

“As part of this, we are temporarily allowing existing home loan customers to request a one-year extension or change with interest only if they are currently making principal and interest repayments without requiring an assessment of the loan. ‘usefulness.

“Eligible customers will easily be able to request a digital expansion or change through NetBank.

“Customers can also speak to their broker, visit us in branch or by calling our call centers based in Australia.”

Mr Sullivan added that all customers financially impacted by COVID-19 can contact CBA to see what support options are available to them.

CBA is not the first lender to announce extensions with interest only for customers in difficulty: Westpac announced last week that it would do the same.

Westpac Managing Director, Home Loans, Will Ranken, said clients eligible for home loans could switch from principal and interest payments to interest only, or extend the current term of their interest-only home loan by 12 additional months without utility assessment.

“We recognize that many customers who have been financially impacted by COVID-19 still wish to have the option of making certain refunds during this time,” Mr. Ranken said.

“These changes mean it’s now easier for customers to request an extension of their loan term with interest only or convert their repayments to interest only. “

CBA Support Measures

Interest-only transfers are just one of many support measures announced by the CBA as part of its response to the pandemic.

In early May, the bank controversially began to minimize customer mortgage repayments., which she said would free up an average of $ 400 per month for clients.

But the move has been criticized for extending the life of borrowers’ loans, costing them tens of thousands in additional interest charges.

ABC said it had claims for deferral of reimbursement on approximately 144,000 home loans with balances totaling $ 50 billion, 71,000 business loans with balances totaling over $ 15 billion and 25,000 personal loans.

The bank also said it has approved more than 6,500 loan applications under the government’s Small and Medium Business Guarantee program, totaling over $ 500 million in new loans.


The entire market was not taken into account in the selection of the above products. Instead, a smaller part of the market has been envisioned, which includes the retail products of at least the Big Four Banks, the Top 10 Customer-Owned Institutions and Australia’s largest non-banks:

  • The big four banks are: ANZ, CBA, NAB and Westpac
  • The top 10 institutions owned by clients are the ten largest mutual banks, credit unions and building societies in Australia, ranked by assets under management as of November 2020. They are (in descending order): Great Southern Bank, Newcastle Permanent , Heritage Bank, Peoples’ Choice Credit Union, Teachers Mutual Bank, Greater Bank, IMB Bank, Beyond Bank, Bank Australia and P&N Bank.
  • The largest non-bank lenders are those who (as of 2020) have more than $ 9 billion in loans and advances funded by Australia. These groups are: Resimac, Pepper, Liberty and Firstmac.
  • If you click on a product link and are directed to a product or service provider’s web page, it is highly likely that a commercial relationship exists between that product or service provider and .to

Products from some vendors may not be available in all states. To be taken into account, the product and the price must be clearly published on the website of the supplier of the product.

In the interest of full disclosure,, Performance Drive, and are part of the Firstmac group of companies. To learn more about how handles potential conflicts of interest, as well as how we are paid, please click on the links on the website.

*Comparison rate is based on a loan of $ 150,000 over 25 years. Please note that the comparison rate only applies to the examples given. Different loan amounts and terms will result in different comparison rates. Costs such as draw charges and cost savings such as fee waivers are not included in the comparison rate but may inuence the cost of the loan.

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