CompoSecure’s Arculus Named Most Innovative Cold Storage Portfolio in the Industry by ABI Research

SOMERSET, NJ–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CompoSecure, Inc. (Nasdaq: CMPO), a leader in payment, security and authentication solutions, today announced that Arculus has been named a “Top Innovator” in the storage wallet industry cold by ABI Research, a global technology watch company. ABI Research’s new report, “Cold Storage Wallets and Cryptocurrency Wallet Security,” addresses the growing need for self-custody tools that let you maintain full control over your cryptocurrency. currency and other digital assets.

“We are proud that Arculus has been recognized as the most innovative cold storage hardware wallet on the market,” said Jon Wilk, CEO of CompoSecure. “Our business has always been driven by innovation, and ABI Research’s latest report validates our commitment to creating an easy-to-use product that people can trust, whether they’re new to cryptocurrency or veterans of industry.”

Given some of the recent challenges in the crypto market, the need for private key self-custody has never been greater. The Arculus Key™ card and Arculus Wallet™ app work with a best-in-class 3-factor authentication security solution (biometric, 6-digit private PIN and Arculus Key Card), making it the hardware wallet of most innovative cold storage. in the market, according to the ABI Research report.

The Arculus cold storage wallet provides intuitive controls and familiar “tap to transact” functionality to manage multiple digital assets in one easy-to-use solution. The Arculus metal card form factor is a unique differentiator and eliminates the need to charge or plug a dongle into a device, providing a high level of overall security. This blend of strong security and simple functionality has earned Arculus recognition from a market leader, ranking 3rd in the industry according to ABI Research.

“CompoSecure earned the top spot in innovation with its layered security approach,” said Sam Gazely, analyst at ABI Research. “Avoiding the commonly seen form factor of the plastic dongle, the Arculus Keycard takes the form of a sleek metallic smart card, favoring a smaller profile for easier storage.”

ABI Research evaluated and benchmarked seven vendors of cold storage hardware crypto wallets and established each company’s market positioning based on innovation and implementation. Innovation evaluation criteria included supported currencies, ease of use/access, security, functionality, and connectivity support. Evaluation criteria for implementation included geographic reach, product/service mix, partnerships and customers, and financial strength. Rankings are calculated based on this assessment to determine market leadership in specific areas, as well as overall industry leaders.

Consumers can order the Arculus Key Card from or anywhere in the United States except Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

CompoSecure’s Arculus platform also offers a number of enterprise security solutions, including payment technology, cryptocurrency cold storage, and digital authentication. The scalable platform enables enterprises to build multi-factor authentication solutions with premium metal card technology.

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