Crypto Wallet Recovery Service KeychainX Can Save Your Bitcoin


Whenever digital asset prices soar, social media is inundated with stories of people who might be millionaires now, but forgot the keys to the wallets they opened a few years ago. But if this happens to you, don’t give up hope, KeychainX cryptocurrency wallet recovery service can save you money.

Your wallet with a forgotten password is not yet lost

KeychainX is a bitcoin wallet recovery service operating since 2017. In the last 6 months alone the company has recovered wallet keys for around 100 customers around the world and you can see some of their rave reviews on Trustpilot where KeychainX has an almost perfect 4.9 ‘Excellent’ rating.

The service covers all kinds of situations like recovering lost Bitcoin wallets from wallet.dat files, Dogecoin wallet passwords, second or first blockchain passwords, Android wallet or spending PIN, Ethereum from JSON files and Ethereum presale wallets. KeychainX can even decipher your 15, 17, 19 or 21 word mnemonic seed which is no longer supported by itself.

This means that as long as you have more than the public key of a wallet, there is a chance to unlock it. So if you have a cryptocurrency wallet in which you cannot access funds for whatever reason, be sure to give KeychainX a try right now and avoid being just another anecdote about someone who lost his fortune due to misfortune. You don’t want to tell your kids a day after Bitcoin hit a million dollars that you’ve lost the keys and haven’t done anything about it.

Brute force and intelligent algorithms

The company shares some of its success stories on Medium that show the varied capabilities needed for this industry. For example, KeychainX recently explained how it got a Dogecoin wallet worth over $ 3 million for a retired truck driver who bought the coins in 2015 for around $ 1,500. The customer forgot their PIN and only had a few clues to share with the team, like their birthday, etc. Trying to verify all the possible combinations of 12 digits that the customer thought were the length of the PIN code using only brute force would have taken more than a lifetime, but KeychainX developed a custom smart algorithm based on its tricks that unlocked the wallet in no time.

Another interesting success story from KeychainX shows how he recovered an old wallet with more than a 12-word story mnemonic seed – which many people mistakenly think is impossible. The client only remembered 17 words of his mnemonic seed which was used to save the wallet, and the team had to use a combination of brute force and a lot of “source code archeology” to retrieve the funds. of the wallet that is no longer supported. History also shows how far KeychainX is willing to go for its customers and the sheer spark of genius that is sometimes required in finding those lost fortunes.

To learn more about the company, visit or just email [email protected] if you need to talk about password recovery.

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