Digital asset firm Tokeny Solutions partners with Monerium, a European EMI


Digital asset business Token solutions associated with Monerium strengthen the accessibility of digital securities by allowing a digital euro for secondary transfers, according to a note from the company.

Monerium is a regulated electronic money institution (EMI) authorized to operate in the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom. Monerium enables individuals, businesses and platforms to securely manage and automate the flow of money on and off blockchains. Monerium claims to be the first and only EMI to offer money on blockchains and blockchain bank account numbers.

Tokeny Solutions is a European digital asset platform that facilitates the primary issuance and management of security tokens. Tokeny has always taken a compliant approach to digital assets.

The partnership aims to allow traditional investors to take advantage of the investment opportunities provided by blockchain. The Monerium IBAN solution allows investors to send euros directly between their bank accounts and their blockchain wallets. Tokeny has now added this fiat gateway solution in its Billboard platform for investors to express their intentions and exchange pairs of security tokens for digital euros.

Tokeny already allows issuers to provide a secondary market to their investors. But the company explains that investors were forced to exchange fiat currency for stablecoins on crypto exchanges before their peer-to-peer security token transaction, making the transfer complex, expensive, and slow. Now that will change as they can send money directly from their bank accounts to blockchain wallets, and vice versa, instantly, seamlessly and without the slippage and costs associated with an exchange.

Luc Falempin, CEO of Tokeny Solutions, says Monerium’s simple solution brings greater accessibility to non-crypto investors.

“The more investors who join the ecosystem, the more they will benefit from positive network effects.”

Sveinn Valfells, CEO of Monerium, added:

“Tokeny is the pioneer of peer-to-peer markets for digital securities and helps bring more liquidity to private markets. Having cash and securities on the same ledger allows for real-time cash delivery at a lower cost and with lower execution risk than in current systems. We look forward to providing authorized forms of currency to issuers and investors using the Tokeny Billboard ecosystem. “

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