‘Don’t catalog eyeballs’ is Snowden’s response to Worldcoin


A new alt piece on the block is an eye-catcher – almost literally. Worldcoin co-founder Sam Altman wants to merge blockchain and biometrics so that those who allow their eyes to be scanned will be rewarded with Worldcoin [WDC].

At the time of going to press, the price of Worldcoin [WDC] was $ 0.07004. The objective of the project is to take on board as many people as possible, with more than 130,000 registered already.

Of course, it didn’t take long for Edward Snowden to share his take on eye-volving technology.

“Eil” or not?

The NSA whistleblower’s first conclusion was simple. Quote-tweeting a message from Altman, Snowden responded,

“Don’t catalog eyeballs.”

Going into technical details, Snowden underline that even if eye scans were removed, hashes produced from previous scans could identify which ones will be scanned again in the future. In addition, Snowden opposite most use cases involving biometrics.

Altman responded to Snowden’s criticisms by defend Worldcoin’s privacy model. He noted,

“I think Worldcoin preserves privacy more than the centralized services we use today. All Worldcoin, or anyone else, could ever say is if someone has already signed up for the service. The hash is cryptographically decoupled from the wallet and all future transactions. “

Eyes on the orb

A statement on Worldcoin’s website further claimed,

“The original image will not need to be stored or downloaded. Unlike many centralized services we use today, no other personal information is required.

Even so, Snowden was far from satisfied. The technical commentator admitted that confidentiality techniques were “smart and appreciatedBut stressed that biometric data could still be misused. While Snowden did to agree that the existing payment processors were a “absolute disaster for privacy,“he was firm that the solution was not”another boring bitcoin clone. “

Instead, Snowden informed,

“Distribution is not the primary need of the public: people will clearly buy bitcoin at almost any price. ‘Disintermediation’ is demand. Flush out the middleman (business and state), allowing them to deal with anyone, anywhere, for anything. Don’t fit in like everyone else.

For his part, Altman confessed he underestimated people “visceral reaction”To biometrics as a form of identification. He also has claims that Worldcoin’s field tests did not reveal this result.

However, it should be noted that Snowden clarified he was not talking to Altman specifically.

Crypto and surveillance

This isn’t the first time Snowden has spoken out against a crypto-based project. As previously reported, he published an article in a newsletter claiming that CBDCs were “the newest danger on the public horizon.”

Additionally, Snowden explored how CBDCs and crypto wallets might have the ability to access user health data. He suggested that the technology could prevent at-risk CBDC users from buying what they wanted, even if it was just a candy bar.

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