DraftKings NBA promo code offers $150 instant bonus for weekend play

The playoffs continue today and storylines have taken shape. From a game perspective, the playoffs offer lucrative opportunities. One of them is available through the freshly minted DraftKings NBA promo code for games today.

This promotion is only available to new DraftKings Sportsbook users. After signing up and making a minimum bet of $5, you will receive an instant bonus of $150. That’s right, you get that money for free whether you win or lose the bet.

If someone hands out three $50 bills to everyone who passes by, you will definitely accept the gift. It’s exactly the same, but the donor is a reputable public company. You really can’t pass up this offer if you don’t have a DraftKings Sportsbook account yet.

Click here to boost DraftKings NBA promo code for new players. After betting at least $5, you will be $150 richer. There are no conditions or obstacles to overcome, so you must act now.

Follow these steps to use the DraftKings NBA promo code

With this promotion, you do not need to manually enter a promotional code. When you click on one of the links we share here, you will be automatically subscribed. After reaching the landing page, you enter your basic personal information to create your account.

The next step is to make a deposit, and you can use credit or debit cards, online banking, PayPal, and a number of other methods. You can open an account with as little as $5, so you don’t have to commit heavily.

When the funds are there, you are ready to make your first bet. You can choose from all NBA markets, including accessories, so you have plenty of options.

don’t think too much about it

Even if you weren’t planning on betting on an NBA playoff game today, the opportunity presents itself. Go to the DraftKings Sportsbook via one of these in-code links. Deposit at least $5 and make your bet for it to rain $150 – it’s as simple as that.

Of course, if you bet on the playoffs, you have a golden opportunity. You can make a small bet and the bonus can be used to make future bets. Another option is a $150 bet which will be a no loss proposition as you will be refunded if you lose.

Access the DraftKings NBA promo code

The best time to act is now as this promotional offer can be withdrawn at any time. How long can you expect them to distribute these $150 freebies to all new sports betting users?

This offer is live in the New York sports betting market, as well as in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. In addition to these neighboring states, it is available in NH, MI, IL, IN, IA, TN, VA, WY, WV, AZ, CO, and OR.

Click here to trigger the insane DraftKings NBA promo code that won’t last long. It will offer a guaranteed instant bonus of $150 as soon as you hit a minimum wage of $5 as a new player. After making your first promotion move, you will be able to take advantage of ongoing promotions for existing players.

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