Fake online banking scam costs thousands of tricked customers in New Ross area


At least six local people have fallen into an online banking scam in which they deposited hundreds of dollars as a down payment on a loan, only so that the money never reached their account.

ardaí has ​​received distressed calls from people in their 20s who have deposited deposits up to € 500 through Revolut and Paypal into bank accounts after logging into fancy banking websites.

“They claim to be real loan companies. Businesses look for the first two months of upfront payments, ”a garda spokesperson said.

“Let’s say you are looking for € 5,000, you pay a deposit of € 500. The money is transferred out of the country.

The professional-looking website has drawn dozens of people to the area to its website.

“Once the money has passed, they cut off all contact and don’t send the loan as promised. It causes a lot of distress and people are looking for the money.

All cases are under investigation, but the sergeant warned that these investigations are very complicated.

“People are well aware of income and welfare scams, but may not be aware of them. We recommend people to check the Central Bank register and look for legitimate banks there.

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