Flickto: Offering an alternative to traditional funding models

Browse offers an alternative to traditional funding and business models within the traditional media industry. Their model places the unique human experience and diversity at the forefront while aiming to generate sustainable profits from the projects we develop, produce and distribute.

Within 10 years, Flickto aims to create centers specializing in films, animation, series, streaming content, digital art, written content, audio content and innovative media techniques. Each division intends to provide the community with projects selected by the people for the people.

Their capacity in 10 years will grow to 100 different media projects per year in a variety of genres, mediums and sectors to deliver the media the masses want to see without concepts becoming repetitive and mundane.

The distribution and sale of a project will become an internal branch of Flickto – through the development of these resources within the organization; they will be able to improve returns for our community while ensuring that traditional biases and barriers to distribution and project success can be overcome through the use of innovative and decentralized modes of hype generation media.

They will use our network of sustainable and ethical production houses, distributors and industry professionals alongside in-house resources to deliver content while taking it from idea to commercial product.

While focusing on successful business projects; The School of Flick will begin providing media literacy, resources and social capital to underrepresented communities. Leverage the rise of ed-tech to create free videos, written content, and courses to provide anyone with an internet connection to learn how to thrive in the media space anywhere in the world.

The study of Flickonomics as a branch of knowledge concerned with the creation, production and transfer of wealth in the media – will develop into a field of research to help society understand the immense impact of media on society people, culture and economy. The domain will enable humanity to understand the importance of positive media that represents and supports humans to thrive.

Within 10 years, Browse will become a decentralized autonomous organization – the community will determine the direction of the organization by providing an ecosystem for community members with the talent to submit projects, participate in each of the Flickto divisions while giving them the opportunity to invest in their own success.

Decentralized funding initiatives will allow community members to vote on projects while using their NFTs for exclusive access to projects and creating a revenue model that allows the community to have a consistent source of funding for projects media and further development of the Flickto mission. They believe that their community is the secret of their success, thus allowing them to have the power and autonomy to decide the future direction of the project, will produce positive results for humanity.

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