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June 28, 2021 5:00 AM EDT

GnuCash is a personal and small business financing application, licensed under the GNU GPL free license and available for GNU / Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. It is designed to be easy to use, yet powerful and flexible. GnuCash allows you to track your income and expenses, reconcile bank accounts, monitor stock portfolios, and manage your small business finances. It is based on professional accounting principles to ensure balanced books and accurate reports.

GnuCash can track your personal finances in as much detail as you want. If you are just starting out, use GnuCash to keep track of your checkbook. You can then decide to track cash purchases as well as credit card purchases to better determine where your money is being spent. When you start to invest, you can use GnuCash to help you monitor your portfolio. Buy a vehicle or a house? GnuCash will help you plan the investment and track loan payments. If your financial records cover the whole world, GnuCash provides all the multi-currency support you need.

Between 4.5 and 4.6, the following bug fixes were made:

  • Bug 648335 – Show Created Transactions parameter
  • Add a preference for the “Examine transactions created” setting in the “Since last run” dialog box so that the default can be specified.
  • Bug 743753 – Incorrectly selecting the price of the closest title in time in reports
  • Adding a new price source – “closest before report date” will ignore prices * after * report date.
  • Bug 743999 – Deleting a digit from an existing number that is longer than four digits generates an error message.
  • Because grouping is disabled. Checking the grouping on input is unnecessary, so just ignore the grouping separator when parsing the digital input.
  • Bug 753283 – Current selection is highlighted lost after changing transaction in scheduled transaction window
  • Bug 787813 – Price change when modifying a transaction is not reflected in pricedb.
  • Bug 794877 – The introductory text for “Configuring Online Banking” is deprecated
  • Bug 795804 – Extremely slow backup
  • Only update the status bar when the percentage changes by at least 1%, as running the main loop is expensive on macOS and Microsoft Windows. This speeds up all operations that run the progress bar with too fine a resolution.
  • Bug 796761 – Newline (char (10)) is inserted at end of string if copy and paste text from Excel into transaction description field
  • Bug 797787 – Feature request: preference setting to open new tabs adjacent to the currently active tab
  • preference of tests; if enabled, a new tab is inserted after the current. if disabled, the new tab is at the end.
  • Bug 797928 – Since the last execution, the price of the security is requested when no shares are traded
  • Bug 798093 – Changing the symbol / abbreviation of a security after creating the GnuCash breakage trading account. (Reopened)
  • Bug 798133 – Gnucash crashes when entering a custom action
  • Bug 798144 – Reconciliation uses a different number than the one entered
  • If a number was pasted into the final value of the balance with a currency symbol, the number would silently fail in the evaluation and result in the use of an incorrect value. With the previous changes made to the GNCAmountEdit widget, a warning symbol will indicate a validation error and prevent going forward.
  • Bug 798148 – The Present (USD) column on the “Accounts” page uses future prices
  • Bug 798151 – The value entry box is not linked to the associated transaction in the Since last run wizard
  • Bug 798156 – glib 2.68.0 breaks gnucash
  • Bug 798159 – Keyboard shortcut bug in ‘manage document link’
  • Bug 798162 – Advance type initialization issue
  • Bug 798170 – Unbound variable: gnc-budget-lookup when running a saved report Budget report via gnucash-cli
  • Bug 798177 – The price of new inventory transactions is not recorded in the price database
  • Bug 798186 – Incorrect result edit count in register when entering part selection.
  • Bug 798188 – Invoice Editor -> Printable Invoice toolbar button crashes on Windows
  • Bug 798196 – do not build with Boost 1.76
  • Bug 798199 – Paste invalid value in GnuCash crash date column
  • Bug 798202 – Registry entry ignores theme on KDE making text black on black background
  • Bug 798203 – g_assert error rolling back transaction
  • Bug 798204 – Creating imbalance accounts
  • Bug 798212 – right clicking on down arrow in date register changes focus to Premier League

For a full list of new features and other changes, see the release notes

Download: GnuCash 4.6 | 143.0 MB (Open Source)
Links: GnuCash home page | Other operating systems

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