Hacker used ‘social media data leak’ to steal $660,000 in crypto from 90 victims

Source: Adobe/metelevan

Police in Seoul, South Korea have arrested and charged a 30-year-old man after officers allegedly found evidence he stole some $660,000 worth of crypto using data he collected from a network popular social media.

Segye Ilbo reported that the man appears to have obtained a large cache of personal data – including what appears to have been a crypto wallet and exchange login details – which was leaked on a channel on Naver Band, a group chat service provided by the Internet giant. Naver.

Officers said the man allegedly stole chips from some 90 people, one of whom lost more than $400,000.

The information appears to have been leaked by accident by a group admin, who appears to have accidentally posted a slew of private details in a post that was mistakenly made public for a short time.

The man allegedly used this data to hack passwords, gaining access to the group’s crypto wallets over a period of five months. According to police, the man began his hacking campaign in January and continued until his arrest in mid-May, gathering more data on his intended victims from new internet searches on the platform. form and elsewhere.

Officers said they raided the man’s home, where they arrested him for questioning – before handing the case over to the prosecution this week.

Police said they acted on what appears to have been a tip-off. The man was charged with computer fraud under the Aggravated Penalties etc. Specific Economic Offenses Act. The prosecution will now decide whether or not to charge the man, who will then face criminal charges and a formal trial.

Police have previously said crypto-related crime is on the rise in the country, where data released in recent days showed that nearly 9,000 people nationwide last year were allegedly victimized by crypto fraudsters, d crooks and thieves. In 2018, that number was just 388, officers said.
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