How to connect Etherscan to your Metamask wallet?

Over time, MetaMask has established itself as one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets. Despite being built on the Ethereum network natively, it also supports BSCchain, Polygon, and other networks.

MetaMask is one of the most user-friendly wallets that users can access through their mobile device and a simple browser plugin. The wallet allows users to send crypto to any wallet or exchange and also add custom tokens.

If you are someone looking for the possibility of connecting your MetaMask wallet to Etherscan, read on.

Since Etherscan is a separate blockchain mining platform, users should note that they cannot connect MetaMask and Etherscan. Ethereum powers Etherscan, and it is essentially an analytics platform and blockchain explorer.

It is one of the oldest and most established standalone Ethereum projects. The team built the platform and released it in 2015. Etherscan allows users to track transactions occurring on the Ethereum blockchain.

Do you need a specific wallet to use Etherscan?

Users who own any crypto wallet can access Etherscan features. It is not mandatory to have a MetaMask wallet address to access its features. Basically, the operation of Etherscan is quite simple. You can enter a valid crypto wallet address in the search section to track and analyze wallet transaction history.

Even though the platform features are free, you can also sign up for the premium features of Etherscan. You can check the hash of the transaction, the number of blocks the transaction was recorded in, sender and receiver addresses, gas costs, and other information.

Etherscan comes in handy, especially when someone sends you crypto and the wallet doesn’t immediately reflect the credit. In such situations, the platform allows users to check the status of their transactions.

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