Instaswap: Buy, Sell and Trade Cryptos Made Easy


Trading is a meticulous task and accessing an instant trading platform that allows its users to trade between channels without any hassle could prove to be a boon for traders. While there are many centralized crypto exchanges, decentralized and non-custodial exchanges are growing in popularity.

Instaswap is one of those non-custodial crypto exchanges that has established itself as a secure and easy-to-use platform for its users.

What is Instaswap?

Instaswap is an Athens-based non-custodial instant cryptocurrency exchange that allows its users to instantly buy, sell or trade their cryptocurrency. They aim to act as an intermediary to bridge the gap between users and exchanges and offer users the best rates in the market. The platform is under the umbrella of Blocktech Private Company.

The platform is registered with the Hellenic Capital Markets Commission (HCMC), a Greek legal entity set up to ensure that the efficient functioning of the capital market is protected and remains crucial for the subsequent growth of the national economy. The HCMC itself is part of the European Securities and Markets Authority.

How it works?

Trading on Instaswap is quick and easy, users can choose the crypto pair they want to trade and mention the wallet address they want to receive the funds in, then they can send the exact amount to the given wallet address. and receive their crypto in a few minutes.

When a user transfers funds to the Instaswap wallet, the platform searches for the best rates available on its multiple exchange partners in real time and executes the transaction at the highest rates for which it charges a minimum fee of 0, 25%. Once the transaction is executed, the funds are automatically transferred to the recipient’s wallet according to user guidelines.

Safety and security

Since its inception in 2019, Instaswap has been constantly working to build trust with its users around the world. In order to ensure that they offer the best possible rates to their users, Instaswap only works with the most trusted service providers in the ecosystem. This includes Binance, Kraken, KuCoin, Bequant, HitBTC, STEX, SumSub, Coinfirm, Bithumb, and many other cryptocurrency exchanges.

In order to make the registration process simple but secure, Instaswap allows users to create an account using their email, Twitter or Facebook which they are then asked to verify using a 4-way verification code. figures. Once done, users can access platform features and acquire information about their transaction history, reduced amount of transaction fees, and other account settings.

Portfolio and transactions

Wallet addresses are a set of randomly generated numbers and letters that act as a digital space in which users can store their cryptocurrencies. As Instaswap is not a custodian, they do not provide users with a wallet address, however, if a user has an existing wallet address, the platform allows them to provide the platform with their details so that they can receive or send their exchanged currency or a refund if the transaction fails.

Since transactions on a blockchain include network costs, a user must ensure that the amount they send covers both ingress and egress network fees, or their transactions might not go through.

The platform has over 130 listed cryptocurrencies and accepts 40 fiat currencies, including USD, EUR, and GBP, using MoonPay, a fiat ramp that helps users purchase coins. virtual currencies with their credit cards. It is used in over 160 countries by over 300 leading portfolios and websites.

Instaswap and Moonpay

As mentioned earlier, Moonpay is a fiat-on ramp that allows users to purchase crypto using their credit cards. Once a user has completed signing up a daily limit of € 150 is set, while upon successful completion of the verification process it is increased to $ / € / £ 2,000 for one day and at $ / € / £ 20,000 for a month. Both Instaswap and Moonpay charge a total fee of 5.5%.

Instaswap has also added Coinify as a fiat provider to its platform and plans to add 3 more over the next 2 weeks.

The upcoming market place

Instaswap will soon launch its Marketplace, which will be a one-stop place for users to explore different ways to buy or sell cryptocurrency using fiat directly by choosing from third-party vendors. They will have bank transfer, apple pay, google pay, and debit / credit card options that can be used in the market.

The platform seeks to improve the way people buy, sell or trade cryptos in an all-in-one setting while maintaining their custody. They are also working on adding different currency networks to the market.

In addition, once the market is live, Instaswap seeks to develop its mobile application in order to make it easier to buy, sell or trade crypto for their users.


Instaswap was founded in 2019 and since then has built its reputation on trust and transparency. It has remained safe from hackers and any such adverse events and thus proved its credibility as an exchange platform.

Users can easily trade on the platform and their next market will allow users to buy or sell cryptos using third party providers with fiat. The platform is constantly working on developing features and services for its users and is becoming a pioneer in the crypto ecosystem.

For more information, see their website.

Disclaimer: This is a paid article and should not be treated as news / advice.

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