Legion Network Launches Blockchain Super App

NEW YORK, May 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Legion Network, the first super app to integrate industry-leading services into an accessible blockchain ecosystem, announced its official launch. Being the first of its kind, the super app aims to revolutionize the crypto space by offering a variety of services ranging from crypto wallets, NFT, Play to Earn, Watch To Earn, Launchpads, Rewards and more. Legion Network aims to enable users of all experience levels to become well acquainted with the new benefits of blockchain technology.

They believe the blockchain world should be accessible to everyone. By expanding the reach, more users are guaranteed endless use cases through an ever-evolving super app that will allow users to connect, collaborate and engage with their respective audiences at scale.

Legion Super App Features:

Legion Wallet

Legion Wallet is a non-custodial solution that allows users to trade, buy, sell and stake tokens all in one place. Users can buy over 80 cryptocurrencies in over 160 countries around the world with their debit or credit card through Moonpay.

Arcadia Legion

Legion Arcadia is an interactive gaming platform where players can participate in daily challenges to win crypto and NFT prizes.

Users have access to a plethora of games to practice on until they are ready to compete against other users for daily prizes. Users can vote for new games they would like to see added, as well as vote for games that will participate in the daily challenge.

Watch the Legion Arcadia video:

Empowering the Academy

Empower Academy introduces a new era of learning in which education is fun to appeal to all types of students from all walks of life. The state-of-the-art educational platform offers learners a way to earn crypto while having a unique instructive experience through various forms of content such as podcasts, videos, live workshops and courses internationally recognized, such as their CPD-certified blockchain mastery course. .

NFT Drops and Launchpad

NFT Drops allows users to participate in the various NFT Collections sales in partnership with Legion Network. This NFT Drop App module allows buyers to buy NFT directly via fiat or cryptocurrency in the app. This mitigates security risks by hosting these drops in a secure application compared to familiar website versions that often tend to be duplicated.

Legion Launchpad will allow users to easily participate in blockchain startups, crypto and NFT projects. $LGX bettors will have progressive access to a series of stake amounts. Legion Launchpad will be accessible through the Legion Super App; which further mitigates the security risks mentioned above.

Legion Network Token ($LGX)

The Legion Network Token has been exclusively listed on Bybit and PancakeSwap where $LGX can be traded. Bybit has over 2 million users and often reaches over $10 billion in daily transaction volume.

Successful launch of the LGX token

With over 30 launchpads supporting the project, Legion Network has successfully launched its token, $LGX, which will be used to power the super app. This allows token holders to earn rewards and premium access to all of the platform’s great features.

First Place Winners at the 9th Agora Dubai Global Blockchain Congress Event

Out of 30 projects, Legion Network managed to get 1st place. The event was an exclusive, closed-door convention that can only be attended by invitation. Agora welcomed over 200 investors, 30 sponsors, 60 speakers, 20 media partners and over 400 delegates.

Following its first place finish, Legion Network was invited to Berlin, Germany for additional advice from industry experts as well as the opportunity to receive $2 million in additional funding for its initial raise of 4, $5 million.

Legion Network Team and Roadmap

Legion Network is home to a diverse team of people from around the world with decades of experience in the crypto and NFT spaces. These dedicated team members bring fresh and innovative planning to the platform, ensuring continued growth in the Web 3.0 and crypto spaces.

What’s next for Legion Network?

Q2/Q3 2022:

  • Launch Legion Super App V2
    — Staking
    — Wallet V2
    — New games in Legion Arcadia
    — Added Cryptos to buy, sell and trade
    — Bugs fixed
  • Token burning event
  • viral marketing campaign
  • Legion launch
  • NFT Drops
  • Website and app UI/UX redesign
  • Launch Bluemoon NFT Market

What is Bluemoon?

  • Launch of Bluemoon Metaverse
  • New CEX registrations

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