MyFunding.Network Earned Over $130,000 Investment and Launched New UI

MyFunding.Network has made an investment of $130,000 in 45 days, from the community, to celebrate this, the company will soon launch a brand new user interface. The team also aims to introduce new bot strategies by September 2022.

MyFunding.Network, a decentralized trading application, announced that it had secured a $130,000 investment and was counting in the community in less than 60 days after its launch.

On that note, they also announced the launch of their new User Interface (UI) which is designed to maximize user productivity, enable intuitive platform administration and ensure a consistently great user experience. MyFunding.Network further aims to release new bot strategies by September 2022.

The company expressed its gratitude to its supporters, customers and community members who have embarked on this journey with them since its launch on June 1, 2022.

MyFunding.Network has informed that it is improving its interface and the overall functionality of its platform to provide a better experience for community members. The look and feel of the platform has been overhauled to make it smarter.

Besides the aesthetic value, the new format is designed to be consistent across all visual platforms, making it easier and more efficient to navigate the DApp.

MyFunding.Network was created by a team of engineers and developers specializing in smart contracts, private blockchains, crypto wallets, and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

Based on the data shared with CQ, the total investment received by the company is 500 BNB, which equates to $134,106 from 286 investors. This trading DApp uses technical analysis and trading strategies provided by trading experts to deliver maximum profit to its users.

In an attempt to provide seamless transactions, this DApp ensures that users can deposit/withdraw capital, generate rewards, and create a passive income stream without hassle.

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