Neobanking App Fi Money and Sima Taparia will find mutual fund

Neobanking App Fi Money and Sima Taparia will find mutual fund

Bengaluru-based neobank Fi Money recently launched its mutual fund offering on the app. Going a step further, the app has introduced “curated baskets” that help users find mutual funds based on their investment needs. The campaign featuring Sima Taparia of Indian Matchmaking fame portrays the show’s host as a “matchmaker”, helping confused users find the right mutual fund to invest in. fund broker.

Spoiled for choice when it comes to mutual funds

Investing as a trend is accelerating in the post-pandemic world, with young investors beginning to invest in market instruments. But with more platforms, apps, and resources, this leads to information overload. From the type of fund to invest in to choosing the right fund in this category, many questions remain unanswered. Adding to the information clutter are the opinions of influencers, blogs, and forums that have formed decision fatigue in the minds of users.

Mutual Fund Matching: The Campaign

The brand kicked off the campaign by creating a LinkedIn profile for Mumbai’s top matchmaker who informed her followers about the latest feather in her cap – Mutual Fund Matchmaking. The campaign video also broke on its LinkedIN channel. It features Sima Taparia in Indian matchmaking as a set-up announcing his comeback and explaining how very confused millennials are today about investing.

We see her talking to millennials who have different expectations of their investment portfolio. We see Naresh, Reena, a “Crypto Puttar” and her mother, as puzzled people who have different risk profiles and are eager to find the perfect match.

The film then cuts to Aunt Sima pointing out a one-stop solution to all their queries – the Fi app – where users can find baskets of mutual funds that perfectly match their various needs.

Fi has also brought this to Instagram by doing Sima Taparia-style mutual fund tutorials and explanations.

Launching this campaign, Sujith Narayanan, CEO of Fi.Money, said, “With the confusion millennials face today regarding the investment choices available, we wanted to create a feature that helps to decision making. Our baskets of mutual funds are designed to meet all kinds of different investor needs.

The video has racked up over 2 million views. And was conceptualized by the brand’s in-house creative team

How are mutual funds on Fi Money different?

Fi Money has built its mutual fund product that helps resolve this confusion using curated baskets of funds that suit different risky personalities. There are over 800 mutual funds filtered into baskets such as High Stakes, Stable Returns, Hybrid Funds and even beginner baskets where users can start investing with as little as ₹100.

Users can also find the funds of their choice using more than 60 filters on risk, fund type, returns, expenses and more.

With the help of AutoInvest, they can create SIPs that help them disciplinedly invest in the best mutual funds without any commission. Besides the usual monthly SIPs, Fi offers flexible SIPs that allow users to invest daily and weekly. Fi Money also offers a zero penalty on skipped SIP payments.

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