Revolut offers you 3 months of Premium card + €15 free recharge

It is not a habit of neobanks to offer welcome offers, but Revolut is an exception to the rule thanks to a collaboration with Veepee, allowing you to obtain a premium account for free for 3 months and 15 euros offered.

Neobanks are not the best known for offering welcome offers and even less regular promotional offers. So inevitably, when it happens, it feels good to talk about it. This time, Revolut has partnered with Veepee to offer an unprecedented offer: 3 months of free Revolut Premium and a free recharge of 15 euros on the account, once it is operational.

What does this offer offer?

  • An account accessible in minutes
  • 3 months of Premium card
  • 15 euros added when opening the account

At the moment, Revolut offers, in partnership with Veepee, 3 months of Revolut Premium (card from 7.99 euros per month) with, as a bonus, a recharge of 15 euros on the newly created account. This offer is for new customers only.

A neobank that is constantly innovating

Revolut is a British neobank launched in 2015 now established in Lithuania following Brexit. Revolut is an excellent neobank and encompasses everything one would expect from such a service. It is best known for innovating ever more in the field of FinTech with ever more advanced services and functionalities, one thinks in particular of the complete support of crypto-currencies or even hotel reservation services or more recently, online payment. . It should also be noted that Revolut has the advantage of issuing French IBANs unlike many neobanks available in France.

Accessible to all, controllable from their smartphone

Revolut is also one of the cheapest neobanks out there. It offers 4 types of cards, one of which is completely free. The only requirement to open an account with Revolut is an initial deposit of 10 euros, regardless of the card chosen. Rates are generally very advantageous with paid cards ranging from 2.99 to 13.99 euros per month, where the Premium normally costs 7.90 euros per month and offers free and unlimited payments abroad, without charges to the stranger. opening and closing the account, all without income conditions. The account created can be used directly via a virtual card to be used via the NFC function of your smartphone before receiving it in physical form, within a few days. However, cards issued by Revolut are always authorized.

The application itself is a model of its kind, a kind of “super-app” which is not satisfied with the minimum. You can of course manage your accounts very easily in addition to being able to manage your budget and your sub-accounts easily. But this application goes further in functionality since it is possible to invest in cryptocurrency and have access to a hotel reservation platform.

How to take advantage of the offer?

To take advantage of this offer, all you have to do is register for free by entering your phone number and downloading the Revolut app. From there, you just need to create an account with a Premium card order. Once the card has been received or via the virtual card, you must make a first payment to receive 15 euros credited to your new account.

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