Santiago-Lugo, Jonathan – (18) 3922 (A)(1) Theft by trickery (F3) and 2 additional charges

On July 8, 2022, the Lower Allen Township Police Department’s arrest warrant for Jonathan Santiago-Lugo was served.

Mandate details

  • Type of mandate: Criminal
  • Date of issue: Wednesday, June 29, 2022
  • Issuing authority: Mr. DJ Delozier
  • Detention Department: Lower Allen Township Police Department
  • File number: CR-294-22
  • ID: LA-22-03096

On March 17, 2021, a check for $4,000 was remotely deposited into the account of Members First member Jonathan Santiago-Lugo. The check was drawn from the account of “Bankers Life and Casualty Company”. The check was made payable to “Yaquelin Leheque”. Leheque’s name was not on the account.

Following the deposit, four online bank transfers were made to a second account belonging to Santiago-Lugo. Following the transfers, several debit card transactions were made. The Bank of New York Mellon informed 1st FCU members that the name on the check and the account the money was transferred to did not match.

On March 25, 25/03/2022, Santiago-Lugo contacted the member’s 1st FCU and agreed to pay $200 per month until the $4,000 was paid in full. Payments were due to begin in April 2022. He has not made any payments and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Mandate served.

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