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DJEDDAH: The National Dialogue Award recently launched by the King Abdul Aziz Center for National Dialogue will help KACND become a “creativity incubator,” according to Ibrahim bin Zayed Al-Asiri, deputy secretary general of the center.

Al-Asiri was speaking at a media meeting at KACND headquarters in Riyadh on Wednesday to present the recently launched award.

Opinion writers, intellectuals and media representatives gathered to hear Al-Asiri review the concepts and values ​​of the award, its objectives, branches, foundations and milestones, in addition to the mechanics of its implementation and selection of participants, as well as the inspections, criteria and conditions to be applied.

He also mentioned the tangible and intangible prizes that will be awarded to the winners, as well as the desired results.

Al-Asiri said that the National Dialogue Award is one of the national initiatives launched by the center to achieve its goals and mission, in line with the development and growth that the Kingdom is experiencing in all fields.


The award is divided into four categories: the first for government institutions, the second for the private sector, the third for civil society institutions and the fourth for individuals.

Prizes consist of a center-approved certificate, medal (or shield) and 200,000 SR ($ 53,000).

The center will also organize a forum in which the laureates will be able to give lectures on the themes of their work and their areas of expertise.

He underlined the importance of the award to encourage national achievements presented by the public or private sectors, civil society institutions or individuals, which have helped to promote the values ​​of tolerance, coexistence and national cohesion that the center seeks to consolidate in society.

Al-Asiri expressed his hope that the award would achieve its goals so that the center is one of the incubators of creativity, allowing innovators to express their thoughts and ideas for their nation.

The award rests on four main pillars, the first being the common religious and Arab values ​​upon which Saudi society shapes its culture and customs.

The second is the Kingdom Vision 2030, which contains national aspirations aimed at promoting the values ​​of tolerance, coexistence and peace; and the third is represented in the strategy of the center, which seeks to make Saudi society a model of prosperity and tolerance.

The fourth pillar represents the diversity of the Kingdom in its different regions, which illustrates a positive model of coexistence and cohesion.

The award includes four categories, the first of which is awarded to government institutions that have made a tangible contribution to promoting the values ​​of tolerance, coexistence and national cohesion.

The second is awarded to private sector institutions that support or implement programs with societal impact by consolidating the values ​​of dialogue and tolerance.

The third category will be awarded to institutions of civil society, while the fourth will be awarded to distinguished and innovative work carried out by inspiring citizens, through which they have effectively contributed to promoting respect for difference and diversity.

The center has set many conditions that must be fulfilled by applicants, the most important of which is to be a Saudi national, an individual or an institution that has made a qualitative contribution to the theme of the award, and to work for the center.

The conditions also stipulated that the submission be on the award website by the deadline, which is yet to be determined.

The prizes consist of a center-approved certificate, a medal (or shield) and 200,000 SR ($ 53,000) to be awarded to the winners whose work will be presented at the annual ceremony to be held at the centre’s headquarters in Riyadh. .

The center will also organize a forum in which the laureates will be able to give lectures on the themes of their work and their areas of expertise.

Applications can be submitted via

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