Simplify your online security with 30% off LastPass Password Manager

We’re all spending more time on the internet, using more premium services, probably migrating to online banking, and sharing content with friends and family via cloud storage. Everything is so convenient, why not you? One thing we cannot take for granted, however, is the security surrounding all of our accounts. This is where a password manager comes in.

It’s imperative that every website and service you use be set up with a unique, strong password, and a password manager makes it easy to create and remember so many different sets of credentials. Among a crowded field of password manager apps, LastPass stands out.

Setting up a LastPass account is surprisingly easy and can be used on all your devices, all you need to remember is a set of login credentials. After that, new accounts can be added easily and LastPass will even generate very strong passwords for you. And if you want your whole family protected, a family plan is also available.

PCMag readers can choose between a year of LastPass Premium, on sale for $24.99 (30% off MSRP of $36), or the LastPass Families plan, available for $32.99 (31% off on MSRP of $48).

Prices subject to change.

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