Skincare Habits You Don’t Realize Are Bad For You

There is a competition going ahead between ladies regarding beauty. The attendances at beauty parlors and solons have increased with time. There are such a significant number of new things that have been acquainted for individuals to get that glowing face. There is simply an excessive amount of rivalry today and every other woman is a part of that competition.

Skin is a critical piece of your body and the facts confirm that everybody should keep their skin healthy. With time passing, so many skin sicknesses have been known about including skin cancer and skin inflammation. There are numerous purposes behind individuals enduring such ailments but the good thing is that the fixes of these sicknesses are accessible.

When it comes to skin, everybody attempts to put forth a valiant effort. From purchasing most recent items to washing face frequently however things being what they are, individuals have some tireless habits that can be awful for skin. However, these habits have simple fixes and can be transformed into great ones. Here are habits that individuals continue doing however are not beneficial for your skin.

Not Replacing your Loofah Frequently

Not changing your loofah can be a Bad Skincare Habit For You.

Loofah or wash clothes are one of the things that are very bad for your skin. According to dermatologists, loofah and wash clothes can harbor bacteria, mold and yeast among other harmful things. You should make sure that after using your loofah or wash cloth, it should be kept to dry and avoid using it until it completely dries out. Loofah users should change it frequently to avoid skin damages and if you have a habit of using wash cloth, than try getting a new one every day. Moreover, experts suggest to not to  use wash cloth on the face as it is very irritating for the skin and ends up causing dry areas, breakouts and sores. This habit can be avoided easily and for the betterment of your skin you should strive hard to change it.

Not Moisturizing Oily or Acne-prone Skin

Not moisturizing your oily skin can be Bad Skincare Habit for you.

Many of you might have heard of that if you have oily skin you shouldn’t use moisturizer the way people with dry skin do. According to experts, things are a little different. They advise people who are acne-prone to use non-comedogenic products that won’t clog your pores. It is all about hydration, drying skin can ultimately cause inflammation and increase the production of oil which can eventually lead to more acne. Keeping your skin hydrated is essential for controlling acne and keeping a fresh and radiant complexion. Consulting a dermatologist will actually help you get better suggestions about your skin.

Not Taking a Shower Right After Workout

Preferring not to shower after workout is a Bad Skincare Habit for you.

Are you one of the gym freaks and are serious about keeping your skin healthy? Here is what you can do for a healthy skin. Sweat is one of the enemies of skin. Sweat gets trapped easily inside tight-knit clothing, which can lead to skin sickness like acne, irritation and many other problems. Taking a shower right after workout will help you stay safe. Showering is ideal after workouts because bacteria are all over your body and taking a shower as soon as possible won’t allow bacteria to rest on your skin. For best results, use an anti-bacterial body wash and focus more on areas of your body that were in contact with gym equipment’s or anywhere you are prone to breakout like your chest and back.

Not Cleaning your Makeup Brushes

Uncleaned makeup brushes can damage your skin badly.

Keeping your make-up brushes clean is a fundamental aspect of a good skin care routine. It is obvious that you use your make-up brush every day as everyone desires to look good and make-up helps you get it done. Most people don’t have a habit of cleaning their make-up accessories that includes brushes, puffs and few more stuff that can carry hordes of bacteria that can cause serious damage to skin. To keep your skin safe from harmful bacteria, you should spritz your brushes once a week with a cleansing spray and deep clean them once a month with shampoo or gentle soap.

Tanning isn’t Long Term Solution for Acne

Tanning is what can become a Bad Skincare Habit for you.

Many people with acne problem think that tanning is the best solution to clear it up. However, experts don’t agree with the statement and the reason is that tanning ultimately leads to dry skin which promotes more oil production and as you have been told earlier that more oil means more acne.  Tanning can hide the visible irritation of acne, but is not a cure to it. If you are one of the followers of the idea, you should avoid it and consult a good dermatologist.

You don’t need expensive skin treatments to keep your skin healthy. Most people do have these habits which they don’t realize are actually very bad for their skin. You can undo them without struggling.  

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