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Crypto Investors Should Look For Twitter Bots To Protect Crypto Wallets

The emergence of Twitter bots began to help cybercriminals steal crypto wallets by following several cryptocurrency tweets. It is known that cybercriminals are always looking for innovative new ways to steal digital currencies from crypto wallets of crypto investors. On the one hand, the cryptocurrency market is very volatile while on the other hand, the problems of cybercriminals. Crypto investors should take care of their crypto wallets while posting cryptocurrency tweets daily. Let’s explore how cybercriminals are using Twitter bots to steal crypto wallets via cryptocurrency tweets in 2021.

Cybercriminals are on one of the popular social media platforms, Twitter, to monitor cryptocurrency tweets with targeted keywords like crypto, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more. They started posting comments in these tweets with risky and malicious links to hack crypto wallets. Twitter bots help with crypto wallet keywords including MetaMask, TrustWallet, Phantom, Yoroi, support, help and many more. Twitter bots search for these keywords to act like bogus support agents with fake support forms to seamlessly steal crypto wallets in no time.

Crypto wallets are crucial for investors because they have a private key to open the wallet and manage cryptocurrencies. If we forget the code of the private key, it is impossible to access the cryptocurrencies that are stored on blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency tweets with such keywords are very dangerous for crypto investors in order to protect crypto wallets from the hands of Twitter bots.

Crypto investors should be aware of Twitter bots when they tweet about any issue or issue with crypto wallets on Twitter. There will be a google form or other fake support form to bring in the email id and crypto wallet recovery phrase with the problem. The recovery phrase is a 12-24 word list of a crypto wallet that helps in recovering the wallet after it is lost. Thus, the Twitter bot helps in efficiently transferring all cryptocurrencies as well as crypto assets to cyber criminals.

Twitter is working on the issue of crypto wallet theft by Twitter bot in 2021 and has recommended not sharing any recovery phrases with anyone to prevent this new cyberattack. One should be very careful when posting cryptocurrency tweets online and provide answers after thorough research. Twitter will identify these fraudulent apps and accounts and take serious enforcement action against these bad actors.

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