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Working in a startup can be exciting – you may gain insight into how a business is going and may even be able to participate in shaping its evolution. And thanks to the growing popularity of remote working, many of the country’s top startups are hiring for positions that don’t require you to go to an office.

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Using LinkedIn’s list of top startups, FlexJobs identified 20 emerging startups that are currently hiring for remote work. If your ideal job is to work at a startup, wherever you are, consider applying for a job at one of these companies.


  • What it is: Attentive is an SMS marketing company.
  • Open remote roles: Client strategy attaché, visual designer, sales advisor

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  • What it is: Brex is an all-in-one financing solution for businesses.
  • Open remote roles: Data Science Manager, People Product Designer, Strategic Financial Analyst


  • What it is: Cameo allows you to purchase personalized celebrity videos.
  • Open remote roles: Corporate account manager, senior data scientist, full stack engineer

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  • What it is: Catalyst is a platform for customer success.
  • Open remote roles: Backend engineer, senior product manager, customer manager


  • What it is: Discord is an online dating platform.
  • Open remote roles: Senior Data Scientist, Staff Software Engineer, Senior Inventory Administrator

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  • What it is: Drift is a revenue acceleration platform.
  • Open remote roles: Account manager, business value advisor, sales manager


  • What it is: Dutchie is an online platform for ordering cannabis from your local dispensary.
  • Open remote roles: Content Department Representative, Implementation Strategist, Senior Mobile Engineer


  • What it is: GitLab is a DevOps platform.
  • Open remote roles: UX researcher, revenue accountant, lifecycle marketing manager

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  • What it is: Gong is an AI-powered revenue intelligence platform designed to help sales teams and leaders.
  • Open remote roles: Accounts receivable and collection manager, corporate account manager, G&A recruiter


  • What it is: Gravy is a tool for customer retention and recovery of failed payments.
  • Open remote roles: Vice President of Marketing, Head of Customer Success, Senior Director of Sales Operations


  • What it is: An education and development platform
  • Open remote roles: Customer service director, learning designer, cloud security engineer

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Hinge health

  • What it is: A provider of digital physical therapy for people with musculoskeletal issues
  • Open remote roles: Physiotherapist, nurse case manager


  • What it is: Jerry is an online auto insurance comparison and purchase platform.
  • Open remote roles: Automotive Content Editor, Freelance Writer, Online Chat Agent

Lyra Health

  • What it is: A provider of mental health services
  • Open remote roles: Chief Product Designer, Telemedicine Physician, Director of Partnerships


  • What it is: A decentralized clinical trials platform
  • Open remote roles: Videographer, copywriter, back-end developer

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  • What it is: MikMak provides marketing analysis and e-commerce activation software.
  • Open remote roles: Vice President of Account Management, Director of Product Marketing, Director of Corporate Sales

Outside voice

  • What it is: Outdoor Voices is a brand of leisure clothing.
  • Open remote roles: Senior Commodity Planner


  • What it is: A company card and an expense management platform
  • Open remote roles: Solutions engineer, risk operations manager, community manager


  • What it is: Rubrik is a data security provider.
  • Open remote roles: Software Engineer, Senior Revenue Accounting Manager, Technical Account Manager


  • What it is: A data platform for AI
  • Open remote roles: Data labeling linguist

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