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Investing has never been reserved for men! Let me give you a scenario. You have heard a lot about cryptocurrencies, or rather bitcoin. You are thinking of investing in it, try to give it a shot. And you are wondering how to buy your first bitcoin. You do your research on the Internet and find out everything about the platforms that allow you to buy your bitcoin. But still, how would you proceed?

Unocoin is the very first bitcoin trading platform in India. But not just bitcoin, there are over forty other digital currencies you can invest in through Unocoin.

KYC and security policy followed:

The first step to buying your first bitcoin is to be a registered Unocoin user. Unocoin follows a protocol called KYC, the Know Your Customer policy. Each Unocoin user must provide their bank details and a copy of a government issued ID. This secures the identity of the user.

Nothing for the fake sake:

The user must also provide an email id, a phone number to allow a secure connection. Security is of the utmost importance when it comes to any traditional asset, money and also cryptocurrency. This is taken care of by Unocoin’s internal system. Each user is assigned a 6-digit passcode on their registered mobile phone number which must be entered while someone tries to log in. A success or failure email is also received whether the connection is successful or not.

Interactive interface:

Most of us love the colors, tones, undertones, looks, look, presentation, display, and visuals. And women in particular have a big eye for it! Women also seek comfort and style, ease and simplicity. Unocoin’s user interface is quite user-friendly and easy to use. Everything your eyes would like to see is visible on the screen. You don’t have to research what’s most important in your investment process. Features and functions are accessible at your fingertips.


Women love diversification. Whether it’s desserts, bags, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics or cryptos. One is not enough. And therefore, there are several wallets available to you. It’s like your pencil box where you have several different colored pencils. All colors are yours and can be found in your pencil box. The same goes for your Unocoin crypto wallet. You have multiple wallets for your different cryptos under your Unocoin account and the account is yours.

Freedom to choose from over forty choices:

You can always buy bitcoin according to your budget, time, convenience, and choice. Unocoin offers you a detailed analysis of the performance of cryptocurrencies on the current day, current week, current fortnight, current month, current quarter and current year, followed by current sentiments, including including buying / selling. pressure around a coin or token. You can still use your power of discrimination to make decisions about your investment.

Earn Interest:

Another most powerful feature of Unocoin is the ‘Earning Interest’. With this feature, you can earn interest on the USDT you hold. You can choose any number of USDT from 5. The next step is to choose the mandate you want to earn interest on. This feature also gives you the freedom of automatic renewals, such as term deposits in the bank. Also, if you want to close this request, you can do so at any time. Freedom, right?

Sponsor and earn:

Don’t you feel good when you win without doing anything? Yes! U.S. too. And so, with this amazing referral program, you can always make more money with every pull that your referral makes on Unocoin.

We hope these are some of the amazing things you should know about a platform that helps investing and / or trading cryptocurrencies. If you want to learn more about Unocoin, you can always visit or download the Unocoin app. Good investment!

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