Vexel Review – cryptocurrency trading platform

If you are familiar with cryptocurrency and are currently looking for a platform that allows you to trade cryptocurrency while securing your investment, we suggest you take a look at this website called

What is vexel and should you trust this platform? Let’s look:

Cryptocurrencies are evolving and moving towards mass adoption, while we are still a long way from global crypto adoption, companies like vexel are doing an amazing job promoting the benefits of everyday cryptocurrency use.

Vexel is a legal and authorized cryptocurrency trading platform. This intuitive platform facilitates its users by allowing them to trade between a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and fiat.

Vexel has recognized cryptocurrencies as a powerful tool that surpasses the traditional fiat system.

The ultimate vision of vexel is to provide users with a secure and effortless platform to manage all their crypto-related tasks.

Services and benefits provided by Vexel:

User-friendly all-in-one crypto platform

  • Vexel provides all the essential services required for your crypto-related needs.
  • The user interface is one of the cleanest we’ve seen, and the site’s easy-to-use features allow easy navigation through the app’s services.
  • A team of support workers helps you through every process.
  • 24/7 availability in Europe and Asia.
  • A wide variety of different popular currencies are at your disposal.
  • With guidance from support staff, each step is clarified and your approval is required for the quoted price.
  • No additional fees are deducted for the crypto-trading process.
  • Enables trade and exchange between cryptocurrencies.

Provide a loan

  • Users of the vexel crypto account benefit from vexel’s crypto lending service, allowing them to borrow crypto funds for over a year.
  • Funds can be borrowed in the following currencies: BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, USDT, USDC and EUR.
  • The number of active loans is not limited. Allowing you to have multiple parallel active loans.
  • The maximum loan amount is 2,000,000 USDT while the minimum amount to take out a loan is 1000 USDT.
  • Vexel offers secured loans. Upon return of the full loan amount, the collateral is instantly returned to the user’s account.
  • Monthly loan payment is also possible from collateral.
  • The following currency can be used as collateral BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC

Earn with the Vexel Savings Account

  • Earn up to 14% interest on crypto holdings in your Vexel savings account weekly and start making the most of your assets. You can choose any cryptocurrency to open your savings account.
  • It provides exclusive APY rates. From a short term account you get 4% APY and from a long term account you get 14% APY.
  • Earnings start as soon as you become a verified user of a vexel savings account.
  • The minimum deposit required to create a savings account is $5,000 Vexel Business
  • Vexel has a separate account and a separate app for business owners. The set of tools provided by Bezel Business helps them to do their work more efficiently with cryptocurrency and fiat.
  • To be eligible for vexel business, all you need to do is verify your identity and business details. Few documents are required to verify the details provided.

Vexel Crypto Card

Vexel launched an in-hand Unionpay crypto card. The objective of this launch is to allow the user to withdraw cash from an ATM, make purchases online and use it on point-of-sale terminals.

Vexel card details

  • The Vexel Encrypted Card is supported by Paypal, allowing you to continue your daily shopping around the world.
  • The insurance costs of the card as well as the delivery costs are 100 €.
  • Vexel card delivery is currently only available in Russia.
  • Delivery and insurance of the card takes approximately 4 weeks.
  • Accessibility to top up your card using any cryptocurrency at no additional cost.
  • The vexel application allows you to keep control over your transaction history and also control card settings. Like changing the PIN CODE, customizing the SMS notification and also blocking further use of the card in case the card is misplaced.
  • No lengthy and tiring certification requirements are necessary. Only simple and basic information is required for card verification.
  • The cash withdrawal limit per transaction is: €1000
  • The daily cash withdrawal limit is: €2,000
  • The online purchase limit per transaction is: 5000€
  • The daily online purchase limit is: 8000€

These small features are of utmost importance, we as cryptocurrency activists realize how important it is to create an ecosystem for the use of cryptocurrencies.

Customer ratings and reviews

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Vexel not only promises sophisticated cryptocurrency features but also has an extremely reliable app to enhance customer experience.

Vexel is a verified company for cryptocurrency services. On Trustpilot it has been rated 4.4 stars.

Most reviews of vexel were positive.

Customers have reported that they are satisfied with vexel’s services and have yet to experience any other better cryptocurrency trading app than vexel.

The developers are often praised by customers for developing such a user-friendly and convenient cryptocurrency trading platform.

Here are some reviews posted on Trustpilot:

What sets vexel apart from the competition is its commitment to creating a safe and healthy customer experience.

Unlike other apps, vexel welcomes reviews and comments, over time, vexel will add features that support everyday tasks such as taxi rides, self-checkouts, etc., as needed and customer wishes.

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